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Shopify’s Marketplace Connect (Formerly Codisto) – What Is It and What Does it Do?

Last updated August 18, 2023 4 min to read
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Have you ever wanted to sell on the world’s biggest marketplaces, while managing all the orders with Shopify? With Amazon accounting for more than a third of total online sales, it’s understandable that sellers would want a slice of the lucrative marketplace pie.

Well now, you can. Shopify has recently acquired and re-launched an app previously known as Codisto, which has now been rebranded as Shopify Marketplace Connect.

If you’ve heard of Shopify Marketplace Connect and you’re wondering what it is, what it does, and who it’s for, we’ve created a comprehensive guide for you. Read on to find out more.


  • Shopify has acquired the app previously known as Codisto and re-branded it as Shopify Marketplace Connect.
  • Shopify Marketplace Connect allows you to sell your products on the biggest marketplaces on the globe, such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, all from your Shopify app.
  • You can manage and fulfill every order just like you would with your Shopify orders while enjoying the benefits of a wider appeal.
  • It’s worth noting that Shopify Marketplace Connect doesn’t help you boost your conversion rate, it simply allows you to sell on various marketplaces from your Shopify dashboard. To boost your profits, scale your business, and keep customers happy, try a help desk like eDesk, with handy automation features and a smart inbox.

What is Shopify Marketplace Connect?

Formerly known as Codisto, the new Shopify Marketplace Connect app was announced in Shopify’s Summer Edition ‘23 and enables sellers to easily sell their products on the world’s most popular marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay.

How does it differ from selling on those marketplaces directly? Well, the good news is you can use your Shopify interface to manage and fulfill all those orders. So you get the broad appeal and ability to scale that you get from being across multiple platforms, with the ease of use that comes from working with the Shopify dashboard you know and love.

Pricing-wise, the first 50 marketplace-synced orders per month are free. After that, you’ll pay a 1% fee per additional synced order, with the pricing capped at $99 per month. It’s a reasonable price for online businesses looking to scale up.

What happened to Codisto?

Codisto was the original Shopify app with these features and it was managed by the team over at Codisto. Since then, Codisto has been acquired and transformed into Shopify Marketplace Connect. It’s now controlled by Shopify directly.

What does Shopify Marketplace Connect do?

Shopify Marketplace Connect app synchronizes product details, inventory, and orders in real time. Sellers can claim existing listings, customize product details, and even choose which orders to sync.

When you make changes in the Shopify store, whether that’s updates to the inventory or pricing, the changes are automatically reflected in all marketplace listings, which saves you from having to go in and manually adjust each one. If you’re managing multiple products simultaneously, you’ll benefit from bulk editing capabilities, too.

There are even flexible fulfillment options to support your channel strategies. You can fulfill orders using your Shopify inventory if that’s the best option, use marketplace-specific fulfillment options, or even a mix of the two.

Within the list of available marketplaces, you can connect unlimited marketplace accounts, which is ideal if you have a comprehensive range of products or you own multiple eCommerce stores across different platforms.

Most of the features are geared towards making it as simple as possible to manage a store across multiple marketplaces without having to log out of Shopify. It’s a move from Shopify to make the platform the go-to, centralized destination for running an eCommerce store.

What doesn’t Shopify Marketplace Connect do?

Shopify helps you open and run your marketplace stores and you can even make changes in real-time, simply by changing the data on your Shopify account and it will auto-sync. Through Shopify Marketplace Connect, it’s easily than ever to sell across multiple marketplaces and a significant chunk of your time will be freed up from manual tasks.

What Shopify doesn’t do, however, is add features that help you boost your conversation rate on the sites in question. With that in mind, you’ll have to work hard on your customer service, site layouts, and other features to ensure that your marketplace store gets just as good a reputation as your Shopify one. Luckily, you can do so with the help of a Shopify help desk.

Who is it for?

There’s no rule to which shoppers can and can’t download the app, but it’s best suited to online store owners who are looking to scale up. To manage what will likely be an increase in orders as a result of appearing across different platforms, you’ll need adequate staff and resources to deal with an influx of new purchases.

If you were already looking for a way to scale up your business, but didn’t want to have to create multiple new accounts across marketplaces, downloading the Shopify Marketplace Connect app is a great way to do it.

Being successful in a marketplace is no easy feat, however. You’ll need to win the Amazon buy box, stay on top of response time SLAs, provide excellent support, and have a high seller rating and great product reviews.

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