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Introducing eDesk by xSellco

Last updated June 14, 2022 2 min to read
eDesk - help desk software with eCommerce integration
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Sell smarter and faster with our latest product, eDesk

xSellco is proud to announce the launch of our high-performance helpdesk, eDesk, which will change the ecommerce landscape and allow online sellers to evaluate, act and resolve all from one manageable location.

How does it work?

eDesk’s unified inbox pulls information and orders from marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and BigCommerce, providing the seller with information about current and past transactions and allowing them to respond to queries as quickly as possible. 

eDesk has a unified inboxeDesk unifies all of your queries from each channel your business is on

Predictive algorithms scan the contents of customer support tickets to detect the prevailing sentiment in them and suggest the best responses, allowing sellers to focus on growing their revenue.

Capitalising on key trading events

The support of an ecommerce helpdesk comes at a poignant time for sellers as we approach ‘silly season’. In 2017, $682 billion was spent during Black Friday and this year will be no exception to the pattern of surging online sales. In fact, seven percent of our customers’ total sales happen on Black Friday. These busy buying times present a huge opportunity for sellers but paramount to surpassing the competition and making their business a success is exceptional customer service.

eDesk puts online retailers’ minds at ease, enabling them to focus on selling, whilst we take care of the back office. Whereas traditional helpdesks are fixated solely on customer support, eDesk is focused on rapidly resolving transactional queries, allowing sellers to get back to selling.   

Smart, integrated, one-of-a-kind

Combining multi-channel and marketplace integrations with smart features, eDesk will help sellers grow their online business and scale their customer support strategy:

  • Intelligent routing – Unlimited customizable rules make it easy to assign incoming tickets to the best agents suited to solve each query.  
  • Shipment tracking – Full integration with marketplaces allows order details and live shipping information to be matched with incoming communications quicker and more efficiently.   
  • AI Responses and templates – eDesk uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest the most efficient and optimized response, allowing one-click solutions to customer queries.
  • Replica invoicing –  eDesk automatically generates invoices on request allowing users to respond to queries in seconds.
  • Proactive feedback requests – Fully integrated feedback solutions to improve seller feedback and product reviews.

Want to know more about the smarter, faster helpdesk and how you can solve customer queries with clear visibility of all your marketplaces, channels, and customer information, and all in one place?

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