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The eCommerce help desk with order data built right in!

With eDesk, you don’t have to pay for separate plug-ins to display order or customer info alongside support tickets. Connect your marketplace channels, and it’s all there!

All your customer support, all in one place

Fully integrated tickets, customer and order data from wherever you sell. Browse our 250+ native integrations.

The all-in-one help desk for eCommerce

Deliver stunningly fast support across all your channels

Reply to your customers, wherever they are

Automatically group, prioritise and assign incoming tickets from 250+ marketplaces and channels using our Smart Inbox.

Get customer support done in seconds, not hours

Reduce response times, increase efficiency and productivity, and eliminate repetitive tasks with our built-in automations.

Turn online browsers into buyers

Our Live Chat helps you boost your business and build better relationships by proactively engaging with your web store visitors in real time.

Stay on top of key support metrics and trends

Built-in reporting helps you analyze, understand and share key metrics about your team, customers, products and sales.

“Being able to respond to customer support queries from Amazon, Walmart, eBay and our Shopify webstore all in one place has been a game changer for us.”

Jerry Kavesh
CEO, Silver Canyon Boots

5 reasons to choose eDesk over ChannelReply


250+ native integrations

Forget third party plugins and workarounds.

When it comes to native integrations, there’s no comparison.

Discover our unparalleled suite of 250+ integrations and expand your operations into new markets. From Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, Debenhams and Walmart, to Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and hundreds of other social media, webstore, and marketplaces.


“We chose eDesk as it integrates seamlessly with Amazon and other ecommerce platforms we sell on without additional plugins… We can see the tracking info without having to log into another platform.”


Smart Inbox for online sellers

With general help desks, you can often spend precious hours creating tags and filters to organize tickets for your team—but eDesk eliminates it all for you. It combines rich order data and query types to smartly group similar tickets together so your team can focus in and get through them faster.

With Smart Inbox—common queries are grouped together, meaning you can tackle them together, saving you time and resources.

In larger support teams, ticket types are often delegated. Do you have an agent or team that solely deals with refunds or shipping issues? With Smart Inbox, support agents can focus on a single ticket type and knock them all out with zero distractions.

With Smart Inbox, you can effortlessly resolve those familiar issues in one click with intelligently pre-written responses. Spend less time writing the same replies over & over again with a new cutting edge workflow.


“Without eDesk, it would not be possible to provide the level of support that Amazon, eBay and, most importantly, our own web customers expect from us.”


AI tools for eCommerce

Resolve common issues in one click with intelligently pre-written AI responses. Don’t waste time on repetitive tasks, focus instead on delighting your customers.

Use AI to intelligently categorise tickets by type, without having to use tags or filters.

List messages in order of priority by default, based on business or marketplace SLA rules.

Use AI to identify and group messages with keywords that indicate sales opportunities and intent to purchase.

Use rules to automatically apply tags to tickets so you can easily find them or assign them directly to agents, based on a variety of conditions. 

See an eye icon and a notification inside a ticket when two or more agents are viewing it at the same time.


“Reduces average handling times by 84%”


Have the words you need at your fingertips

Quickly personalise replies to customer queries, even those from international markets, by adding customer and order details, and ensure your responses are consistent in tone using snippets, and translating incoming and outgoing messages into local language.

Include information and common phrases in the messages that you send to customers using #s to automatically insert predetermined values.

Automatically detect messages in foreign languages and translate your customer and support agent communications into the reader’s language.


it is excellent especially if you sell in several marketplaces because it brings all your communication to one place and it will even translate messages from and to the customers!”


Know your business like never before

Stay on top of key customer support trends so you can make informed decisions faster with product, platform and agent performance insights that are available at the click of a button, and protect your business as it grows by managing your team’s access to sensitive information and functions.

View and download preconfigured performance reports, data visualisations, and heatmaps at the click of a button.

Use role based permissions to automatically control your agents’ access to transaction data and support tools.


From a user perspective, the software is simple to navigate, especially the live reporting, both for day-to-day users and our leadership team.”

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