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Seamlessly scale your support with Bed Bath & Beyond’s #1 choice of helpdesk

Centralize all your Bed Bath & Beyond marketplace orders and all your other selling and communication channels into one smart inbox. Slash response times, delight shoppers, and manage customer support with ease (especially during busy times).

The only helpdesk that natively integrates with Bed Bath & Beyond marketplace

Powering support for thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide

eDesk’s integration with Mirakl Connect means we can effortlessly extend our sales channels...

“As a retailer, it’s incredibly difficult to effectively manage support from a shared email account or having to monitor and jump between different marketplaces. eDesk solves that for us by centralizing all of our support, from all of our sales channels, into a single system built specifically for online retail. eDesk’s integration with Mirakl Connect means we can effortlessly extend our sales channels without introducing complexity into our support model.”

Your search for a complete eCommerce helpdesk is over

Centralize, prioritize, and maintain SLA compliance – all within a single inbox

No more third-party plugins. No more penalties for missing marketplace SLAs. Our helpdesk lets you consolidate the customer messaging from all your channels into one smart inbox. This enables your team to easily sort, view, and prioritize inquiries so you can respond faster and spend less time managing customer support.

Seamless collaboration between agents, customers, and operators

Work together like never before, thanks to features like auto-assign, internal notes, and @mention. Instantly send a message to a customer, operator, or both, with just one click. Our solution helps your team collaborate smoothly on resolving inquiries, all while knowing who needs to do what (or who has done what).

Break the language barrier. Support in over 110 countries.

You don’t have to hire multilingual support staff to sell internationally. Our auto-translation feature helps sellers support wherever their customers are.

The automatically generated professional translations apply to both incoming and outgoing support messages, as well as in live chat.

Read more about how Pertemba support in multiple marketplaces using eDesk’s auto-translation.

Stop clicking around to find the customer and order data you need

Our smart inbox displays Bed Bath & Beyond order processing and shipping data, customer information, tracking numbers, and all other pertinent info right alongside messages. That means you no longer have to click around or view different screens to answer customers’ questions.

Reduce effort and improve efficiency with Automations

Create happier, more high-performing teams with eDesk’s AI-powered automations. Our classification and suggested responses use AI to prepopulate replies with relevant order and product information. Expand the content of messages or adjust the tone to be friendlier or more professional with just one click. The result will be happier, more satisfied customers with instant and personalized responses to queries.

See why eDesk is the #1 helpdesk choice for Bed Bath & Beyond sellers

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