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How to provide exceptional customer service on Leroy Merlin marketplace


In the competitive world of online marketplaces, good customer support is essential for success. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about providing an exceptional experience that keeps customers coming back. When you prioritize excellent customer service, you create a positive reputation and build trust with your buyers. First and foremost, good marketplace customer support sets you apart from your competitors. In a crowded marketplace like Leroy Merlin, where countless sellers are vying for attention, offering outstanding support can be a game-changer. Moreover, satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and even recommend your brand to others. So, investing in top-notch customer service can help increase sales conversions. When shoppers know that they’ll receive reliable assistance if something goes wrong or if they have questions before making a purchase decision, they feel more confident in buying from you rather than taking chances elsewhere.

In this article, we will explore the challenges of providing custom support on Leroy Merlin Marketplace and to overcome them. So let’s dive in and discover how you can leave a lasting impression on your customers by going above and beyond their expectations!

The challenges of providing customer support on Leroy Merlin Marketplace

Mastering how to sell successfully on Leroy Merlin Marketplace is a challenge in itself, but providing customer support is just as important, and comes with its set of challenges. As a seller, you need to be prepared to handle various issues that may arise, while ensuring customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

The global nature of Leroy Merlin necessitates addressing language differences through the implementation of efficient translation services or the establishment of multilingual support teams. These measures are vital to ensure that customer inquiries from diverse regions receive clear and accurate assistance.

The nature of home improvement products, often large and bulky, adds complexity to the returns process, demanding meticulous attention to ensure returns are managed swiftly to maintain customer satisfaction. This includes clear communication, efficient logistics coordination, and prompt resolution of financial transactions. Additionally, managing customer expectations for timely delivery, especially with larger items that typically take longer to ship, presents a delicate challenge. Negotiating peak periods requires proactive communication, real-time tracking updates, and transparent policies to set realistic expectations and minimize customer dissatisfaction, thus avoiding the emergence of negative reviews.

Providing technical support for substantial electronic appliances, such as cookers, introduces another layer of complexity. This involves a significant investment in manpower and specialized training to equip support teams with the technical knowledge necessary to address customer queries related to installation and operation.

Adhering to Leroy Merlin’s policies is paramount for maintaining a consistent and trustworthy customer support experience. Challenges arise when marketplace Service-Level Agreement (SLA) requirements differ from your standard policy, so It’s important to keep on top of marketplace-specific customer support requirements  and have well-defined procedures to implement them, or risk account suspension.

How to provide exceptional customer support on Leroy Merlin Marketplace.

eDesk is the only helpdesk solution that natively integrates with Leroy Merlin to seamlessly streamline and scale your marketplace support. By servicing your Leroy Merlin
customers via eDesk, you can consolidate messages, orders, and essential information from all your sales and communication channels in one centralized platform, streamlining your Support Team’s workflow. 

Centralized support for Leroy Merlin and everywhere you sell.

eDesk provides your team with a unified smart inbox that consolidates queries from Leroy Merlin, plus all other sales and communications channels. Use eDesk’s smart inbox to effectively manage SLAs on Leroy Merlin and prioritize support by categorizing tickets into pre-sales queries, complaints and more, so you never miss an opportunity to satisfy your customers.

eCommerce data built in to every support ticket

Equip your agents with the context needed to provide quick and informed responses with all customer and order data automatically attached to each eDesk ticket that originates from Leroy Merlin.

Seamless internal and external collaboration for issue resolution

Resolve customer issues quickly with automatic ticket creation in eDesk when an incident is raised in Mirakl Connect. You’ll even have flexibility to message either the customer, marketplace operator, or both directly within the eDesk ticket to resolve issues efficiently, with one central thread of communication.

AI Automation that supports personalized and efficient customer support 

Leverage built-in AI automations to create prompt, personalized responses in eDesk.

Create message templates for each query type and insert smart snippets to autopopulate relevant customer order data into your response. You can even configure message rules to automatically respond to customers with your predefined message templates, without the need for agent intervention. eDesk’s auto-translate feature can also help you to support a global audience, expanding your reach with the ability to communicate with sellers on Leroy Merlin, your other sales channels and any of the 110+ countries supported by the Mirakl Connect platform.

Measurable Insights into marketplace support performance

Utilize comprehensive reporting features to analyze support performance on Leroy Merlin and other channels. Analyze which support agents, channels, or products are causing performance issues in sales or support and make data-driven decisions, to enhance overall efficiency.


Excelling on Leroy Merlin as an eCommerce seller in the DIY category involves expanding reach, gaining credibility and prioritizing effective customer support. Timely responses, efficient issue resolution, and proactive monitoring of customer feedback are crucial elements for sustaining a positive seller account in the competitive Leroy Merlin marketplace.

To optimize customer support on Leroy Merlin, we recommend leveraging eDesk. As the only helpdesk solution native to Mirakl Connect which powered the Leroy Merlin, eDesk consolidates messages, orders, and essential information from all channels in one platform, streamlining your Support Team’s workflow. Embrace Leroy Merlin and eDesk for a comprehensive and efficient eCommerce experience that ensures both marketplace success and customer satisfaction.