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Mirakl and Shopify partnership: What it means for merchants in 2024


Mirakl and Shopify have announced a unique partnership to turbocharge commerce growth for enterprises. This collaboration seamlessly connects businesses on Shopify to the Mirakl Connect platform, enabling swift marketplace expansion through Mirakl’s market-leading platform.  

The partnership offers enterprises operating on Shopify a way to expand their product offering with the ability to easily add third-party sellers into their eCommerce operations using the Mirakl Connect platform; effectively establishing them as a marketplace with very low up front investment. This provides merchants the opportunity to make an existing scaled webstore stickier and grow revenues without the overhead of increased inventory management.

Shopify’s merchants also gain the opportunity to broaden their global reach and connect with more end customers by selling their products on any of the 400+ Mirakl-powered marketplaces. These marketplaces include brands as diverse as Leroy Merlin, Catch, B&Q, Conforama, PcComponentes, Macy’s, Best Buy Canada, Darty, Worten and Debenhams.

This new integration between Mirakl and Shopify aims to streamline operations for merchants, facilitating a smoother and more efficient capability to expand.

“Through this groundbreaking partnership between Shopify and Mirakl, we are ushering in a new era of eCommerce innovation,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and co-CEO, Mirakl. “Combining Shopify’s leading all-in-one commerce platform with Mirakl’s best of breed AI-powered marketplace and dropship technology, we’re empowering businesses to expand their reach and grow faster in a fast-changing digital market. From the world’s biggest brands, retailers, and distributors to the next generation of disruptors, launching a new marketplace is made easier than ever.”

This collaboration combines Shopify’s robust infrastructure and massive customer base with Mirakl’s trusted marketplace solution, and looks set to be a potential game changer in the eCommerce space.

Challenges of Servicing Customers Across Different eCommerce Channels

Providing customer service across diverse eCommerce channels, including web stores and various marketplaces, presents a set of unique challenges for scaling merchants. Firstly, maintaining consistency in customer support across different platforms can be challenging, as each channel may have its own set of guidelines and communication methods. Responding promptly to customer inquiries and resolving issues in a timely manner becomes intricate and increasingly challenging when managing multiple channels simultaneously. 

Additionally, tracking and managing customer interactions across various platforms require efficient systems to avoid overlooking crucial details or spending too much time and resources switching between platforms to respond to customers. Without a centralized solution for all stores and marketplaces, ensuring a seamless customer experience becomes a demanding task due to the potential disparities in policies, processes, and communication norms between different eCommerce channels. 

Furthermore, adapting to the specific requirements and expectations of each platform while maintaining a unified brand image poses a considerable challenge for businesses aiming to deliver exceptional customer service across diverse digital avenues.

eDesk’s partnership with Mirakl and Shopify

eDesk’s partnership with both Shopify and Mirakl offers a strategic solution to the challenges of servicing customers across multiple eCommerce channels. By seamlessly connecting with these platforms, eDesk streamlines customer service operations and provides a centralized hub for customer interactions, enabling businesses to maintain consistency in communication and support across both Shopify and Mirakl. 

“As well established partners with both Shopify and Mirakl, we understand the significance of such industry alliances. eDesk has integrated with Shopify web stores for many years and is the exclusive help desk platform for Mirakl Connect sellers. We’re excited about the opportunities this new partnership will unlock. At eDesk, we welcome and support initiatives that enhance the eCommerce landscape, and we believe this collaboration will undoubtedly break down barriers to multichannel selling, with streamlined access to global sales opportunities.”

Ray Nolan, CEO & Founder, eDesk

eDesk centralizes customer conversations from wherever merchants sell into a unified smart inbox. eCommerce merchants benefiting from eDesk’s AI-powered service desk consistently reduce customer support costs while continuing to scale across multiple webstore, marketplace and social sales channels, all while improving customer satisfaction.

The eDesk platform brings an end to customer care teams logging in to different systems and solutions to manage customer queries. eDesk consolidates customer queries from over 250+ sales channels, including Shopify, Mirakl Connect, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and hundreds of other marketplaces and webstore platforms.

eDesk enables teams to significantly reduce handling times by automatically associating customer messages with the order and full customer history, across every sales channel. In addition, powerful next-generation AI, unlocks automations and personalization at scale that frees us support teams to focus on higher value and more complex tasks.

Founded in 2012, today eDesk empowers merchants across 45,000 sales channels. eDesk’s clients are primarily based in the US, EU, and UK and include ground-breaking international merchants such as Pertemba, Wetsuit Outlet and eDesk’s award-winning platform is highly rated on review sites such as Trustpilot, SourceForge, Capterra & G2.

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