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Let our Product Specialist tell you about eDesk and the difference it can make to your business.

Using a helpdesk

1 in every 8 online sales leads to a customer query. In this video Danie explains how eDesk unleashes support team’s superpowers by allowing them to answer support tickets in a fraction of the time.

Introducing eDesk’s mailbox and AI features

Customer queries from all your marketplaces, webstores, and social channels are all centralized in eDesk. Take a tour of it with Clodagh and see how eDesk’s smart A.I. makes it easy to respond in a single click.

Introducing eDesk's Insights

eDesk reveals the insights you need to assess and improve your team’s effectiveness and your sales performance. Take a tour with Clodagh

How eDesk Simplifies Support

Callum shares how eDesk’s unique features, such as automated invoice generation and auto-translate, enable support agents to respond to customer queries in a fraction of the time.

Take a look inside eDesk

View some short videos of eDesk in action. Meet the mailbox, and the eDesk features that will set your team up for success

What is eDesk?

Hint: It’s an eCommerce Helpdesk.

The eDesk Mailbox

Organize your customer support.

Team & Business Reporting

Plan and improve team performance.

Replying to Tickets

Reply with all the context at hand.

Automating workflows with Smart Tools

Hello automation, goodbye repetitive work!

Responding faster with templates

Breeze through repetitive questions with templates.

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