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14 Stunning Customer Service Videos to Motivate and Inspire

Last updated July 7, 2023 5 min to read
Customer service videos
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Watching customer service videos is a great way to grow your knowledge, be inspired and find tips to share with your eCommerce customer service team. They are often more motivational and entertaining than the written word.

Ranging from two minutes to twenty minutes, here are fourteen inspirational customer service videos to motivate you and your team.

1. Gamechangers: Jeff Bezos on Amazon’s Mission

“You can’t really do the right thing for customers if you’re short-term oriented.”

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is known for being customer obsessed. In this ten-minute interview, he discusses why Amazon focuses on the customer, rather than the competition. He also explains how this approach can future-proof a business.

2. Meaningful Micro-engagements

“All day long, we’re interacting. We’re interacting with each other, we’re interacting with technology, we’re interacting with machines. And those moments in time actually affect the rest of our day and how we perceive brands and products.”

In this customer service TED talk, CX expert Jeannie Walters discusses creating meaningful micro-engagements. She believes it’s the little things that can make a real impact on customers. This attention to detail and human touch is particularly important when dealing with customers through technology.

3. Dealing with an Unsatisfied Customer

“Every customer you have is a media company.”

Known for his short, but insightful videos, Gary Vee discusses your options when it comes to dealing with angry customers. In this two-minute video, he reminds us that modern consumers can take photos or make videos and amplify their message. As CEO of advertising agency VaynerMedia, it’s safe to say he’s an expert on this subject. He frequently uploads customer service videos for his followers across social media.

4. Netflix Customer Service

“Easy access is really important to us, we want our customers to be able to find us.”

This recent video provides a behind-the-scenes look at Netflix’s customer service team and the work they do. It’s great to get an industry leader’s insight into customer support. But this is also one of the best customer service training videos to inspire your team. It will help them realize the value of their roles and what they can get out of it too.

5. Richard Branson: Put Your Staff First

“My philosophy has always been, if you put your staff first, the customers second and the shareholders third, effectively, the shareholders will do well, the customers will do well and your staff will be happy.”

In 2016, Virgin founder Richard Branson sat down with Inc. to discuss Virgin’s top-class customer service. The logic behind his approach is actually quite simple. Watch him explain his philosophy and discuss some of his management techniques in this short customer service video.

6. Start with Your Customer and Work Backwards to a Product

“It started with what incredible benefits can we give to the customer.”

Back in 1997, Steve Jobs led this fireside chat at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. This nostalgic 90s video is a little fuzzy and it kicks off with a tough question from the audience. But Steve Jobs manages to turn it into an insightful piece of content explaining his approach to customer experience and product ideation. This is a must-see for Apple lovers.

7. How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service

“He doesn’t get paid more. There is no compensation. There is no incentive for above-average performance… As a matter of fact, for years I was afraid that if the postal service found out what he was doing, they’d make him stop.”

This keynote speech from entrepreneur Mark Sanborn highlights how memorable and impactful exceptional customer service can be. This brilliant anecdote about his postman Fred is full of humor from start to finish.

8. I Was Seduced by Exceptional Customer Service

“My career has given me the opportunity to visit literally over a thousand companies and meet hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs. And the ones that stand out are the ones that truly focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

In this customer service TED Talk, John Boccuzzi Jr. discusses why great service is actually the best form of marketing a brand can have. Working as a sales, marketing and customer experience executive for over 20 years, he has continually studied why some companies succeed and others fail. He believes customer service has a lot to do with it.

He offers viewers plenty of insights and real-life examples in this tremendous TED Talk on customer service.

9. 7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs

“Every rep should find a solid balance between providing detailed, accurate service and getting the customer back to their life as quickly as possible.”

Ideal for use as one of your company’s customer service training videos, this quick presentation from HubSpot runs through seven essential skills every customer service rep should master. They include:

  • Ability to take criticism
  • Empathy
  • Ability to go off-script
  • Positivity
  • Persuasiveness
  • Competency
  • Product knowledge

This is one of the shortest customer service videos on our list, but HubSpot manages to pack in a lot of value.

10. What Steve Jobs Learned From The Ritz-Carlton

“There are many things Apple learned from the Ritz-Carlton. I’m going to talk about three in particular – three principles that can elevate any business in any industry.”

The Ritz-Carlton is well-known for its legendary customer service. So when Apple prepared to launch its retail stores back in 2001, Steve Jobs looked to the luxury hotel chain for inspiration.

This customer service video for Forbes by author Carmine Gallo explains exactly what the Ritz-Carlton and Apple do to make their customers feel valued. He sums it up in three steps.

  • Start with a warm welcome
  • End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return
  • Empower your employees to do what’s right for customers

11. How To Improve Your Listening Skills

“When a person feels that he or she has been truly heard, it can help calm them and allow for understanding and problem solving to begin.”

Listening skills are essential when it comes to providing first-rate customer service. This animated instruction video is a useful reminder of the role listening has in communication. It then breaks down how to be a good listener into some simple steps, making this one of the most important customer service training videos on this list.

12. Ten ways to have a better conversation

“Be interested in other people.”

Continuing on with content to improve customer communication skills, this customer service TED Talk by radio presenter Celeste Headlee is light-hearted and full of humor. It’s more than just a funny watch though, this customer service video is also extremely insightful. She runs through ten practical rules for having better conversations which includes simple concepts such as honesty, brevity and clarity.

13. Amazing Customer Service Taxi Cab Story

“Are you in a hurry? Is it okay if I do the speed limit?”

This keynote speech by customer service expert Shep Hyken offers another insightful anecdote into the impact excellent customer care can have.

His encounter with a Texan taxi driver on his way to the airport starts off as a moment of misery, but becomes a moment of magic. Offering cola, candy and over-the-top service, it highlights how the element of surprise can make great customer service even more impressive. This is the most popular of Shep Hyken’s customer service videos and strikes a chord with many viewers.

14. Best Customer Service Keynote Speaker 2020

“The biggest risk to loyalty is when you fail or disappoint them.”

Our list of customer service videos ends with this recent keynote speech from comedian turned leadership consultant Ross Shafer. He focuses on why companies need to eliminate ‘POW’ moments rather than concentrate on creating ‘WOW’ moments. He believes always delivering on your brand promise is the key to customer engagement and building brand loyalty.

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