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ReplyManager is now part of eDesk

In 2015, eDesk acquired ReplyManager, the much loved selling tool for dealing with eBay and Amazon email messages. Over the years we’ve listened to and learned from our ReplyManager customers and brought their best insights to reality in our eDesk helpdesk product. See how it works >

ReplyManager customers now love using eDesk to tackle all their eCommerce customer service tickets. With eDesk you can connect all your marketplaces, webstores, email accounts, social media and fulfilment platforms on one AI-powered helpdesk. 

Everything you loved
about ReplyManager, made even better!

With eDesk all the features our users loved about ReplyManager are still available, but improved. The centralised inbox is at the heart of eDesk, and connects to even more marketing places and platforms that ReplyManager, meaning your support team can answer their tickets much faster than before.

Faster response times thanks to an AI powered inbox

ReplyManager customers loved how the full view of the customer helped speed up their response times. eDesk takes this a step further by looking at what the customer is asking and suggesting responses for agents to use based on the wealth of information available from its deep eCommerce integrations.

Teams can meet all their SLAs even during their busiest periods thanks to the time saving features built into eDesk.

ReplyManager’s best features, improved!

Just like ReplyManager, eDesk features an autoresponder, giving your customers timely responses even out of hours. Customisable templates are available to answer the most common questions.

eDesk’s snippets allow agents to include the most commonly used information in a response, such as customer name, order details, delivery address and more, all without having to cut and paste or look the information up.

eDesk is designed to make teamwork easier.

Customer support depends on teammates being able to collaborate efficiently.

In eDesk, tickets can be assigned to one or many agents, teammates can tag each other for help with any query they get, and with collision detection you avoid more than one agent trying to solve the same issue at the same time.

You can assign tickets equally around a team to spread the workload fairly, or choose to assign specific products or types of query to specific agents. With eDesk it’s all about giving the customer the right answer in the shortest time, and building a system that works for your team.

Automated workflows for more efficient teams

A great helpdesk works for your team, not the other way around. eDesk has automation in mind from the start to finish, to allow your support agents to focus on resolving tickets, not sorting or tagging queries.

With eDesk, incoming tickets can be filtered to different folders based on query type, language, order type and more. Rules can be setup to label queries automatically and help identify the most common types, and the ability to assign specific agents with the most relevant experience to certain types of queries.

Control your team’s access to sensitive information

As your team grows you might need to control which agents access certain inboxes and folders, and eDesk allows for agent level permissions to do just that. In addition, the extensive eCommerce integrations that eDesk offers also means your agents don’t need login permissions for all your platforms to do their job.

Everything your agents need is in eDesk already, whether it’s a fulfilment question needing information from Skubana or Linnworks, a question submitted via a social channel, or order information from your webstore, one login to eDesk gives them access to see everything they need.

Deliver 5 star customer service with eDesk

eDesk massively expands on the reporting capabilities of ReplyManager to drive smarter decisions and improve team performance. Tracking key metrics like response times and message volume per store, language, and query type. Analyse your peak times so your team is ready when your customers need them.

Spot trends in queries and track response times so you can tune the performance of your team to hit your SLAs everytime.

Automations, like never before ⚡️⚡️

This section can be hidden on some feature pages, but for chat and mailbox this will be useful for calling out key automations or workflows.

Centralized dashboard

Centralized dashboard Manage customer support from all your sales channels with one intuitive dashboard.

Artificial intelligence

Send personalized responses to common customer queries in a single click. eDesk’s artificial intelligence analyses customer queries and presents you a pertinent response so that you can reply in seconds.

Templates & Snippets

Respond to common customer queries in two clicks using eDesk’s customizable message templates. Snippets speed up your responses by automating key details, such as customer name, order details, delivery address and more.


Autofill customer expectations for timely responses even during peak support times, or out of office hours with automated responses. Never leave a customer waiting.


Open your store to new customers internationally. eDesk helps you scale your business without the need for multilingual agents, by giving your team the ability to communicate in every language.

Full order details

View full order details within every support ticket, by linking eCommerce management platforms such as Channel Advisor, Linnworks, BrightPearl and Skubana to your eDesk account.

Seamlessly integrate with every channel you sell on

eDesk natively integrates with Amazon, eBay and 70+ other marketplaces, webstores and tools. Forget logging into multiple marketplace mailbox—eDesk centralises all of your customer support queries from all your channels in one place.

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