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ReplyManager is now part of eDesk

In 2015, eDesk acquired ReplyManager, the much loved selling tool for dealing with eBay and Amazon email messages. Over the years we’ve listened to and learned from our ReplyManager customers and brought their best insights to reality in eDesk.

ReplyManager customers now love using eDesk to tackle all their eCommerce customer service tickets. With eDesk you can connect all your marketplaces, webstores, email accounts, social media and fulfilment platforms on one AI-powered helpdesk. 

Everything you loved about ReplyManager, made even better!

With eDesk all the features our users loved about ReplyManager are still available, but improved. The centralised inbox is at the heart of eDesk, and connects to even more marketing places and platforms that ReplyManager, meaning your support team can answer their tickets much faster than before.

Experience unparalleled customer satisfaction with AI-powered inbox for instant response times

Building on ReplyManager’s customer-focused design, eDesk elevates your support game with AI-driven, data-rich response suggestions for unparalleled efficiency

Never miss an SLA again, even in peak times—eDesk’s time-saving features ensure consistent, high-quality support.

ReplyManager’s best features – improved!

eDesk streamlines ReplyManager’s autoresponder with customizable templates and dynamic snippets, automating timely, personalized responses around the clock.

eDesk offers us much more than ReplyManager ever could.

“Handling messages from multiple channels is a complicated business but eDesk has simplified things down to a level that I wouldn’t have believed was possible.”

eDesk is designed to make teamwork easier.

Empower seamless team collaboration for unparalleled customer support excellence.

Optimize team efficiency and customer satisfaction with eDesk’s intelligent ticket assignment, collision detection, and specialized query routing.

Automated workflows for more efficient teams

Let your team focus on solutions, not sorting. eDesk’s automation and intelligent filtering channel the right queries to the right agents for faster, more accurate support.

Enhance security and trust by managing your team's access to sensitive information

Scale securely with eDesk’s agent-level permissions and one-login access to all essential eCommerce platforms—empowering agents to resolve queries faster, without compromising on data integrity.

Deliver 5-star customer service with eDesk

Go beyond ReplyManager with eDesk’s advanced analytics, enabling data-driven decisions for peak performance. Achieve consistent SLAs by monitoring real-time metrics and spotting emerging trends

eDesk will help you...

Centralize all of your support and share it across your team

Easily meet SLAs and deliver extraordinary customer support for all your channels from within one intuitive dashboard, built for team collaboration.

Automate more than you ever thought possible

Reduce response times, increase efficiency and productivity, and eliminate repetitive tasks with our built-in automations.

Utilize Live Chat for higher conversions and more sales

Use Live Chat and it’s additional features, such as chat prompts and self-service links, to boost your business and build better relationships.

Save agent and shopper time with a 360° view of customers

Support the customer, not just the ticket. eDesk shows a full support and order history for every client, enabling smarter decisions and better relationships.

Stay on top of key support metrics and trends

Powerful built-in reports help you analyze, understand and share key metrics about your support team, your customers, products and sales.

Speak your customers’ language, even if it’s not your native one

Our auto-translation automation allows you to communicate confidently with your customers and expand into new markets. 

Integrate with all of your channels (and future channels) so you can support from one centralized location

When it comes to native eCommerce integrations, eDesk offers an unparalleled marketplace coverage of 200+ channels, to ensure you can integrate with the tools you’re already using – and the ones you plan to.

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