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In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, merchants are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their marketplace strategies. Mirakl Connect offers a revolutionary platform that redefines the way businesses approach marketplace selling. 

What is Mirakl Connect?

Launched in 2019, Mirakl Connect operates as a powerful ecosystem, bringing together sellers, buyers, and service providers. The platform empowers businesses to establish and grow their online sales by providing seamless access to sell on 400 global Mirakl-powered marketplaces across 40+ countries including big box retailers such as Macy’s, Decathlon, Kroger and more.

Should I sell on Mirakl Connect?

If you’re an eCommerce seller looking for a great way to scale your business, then Mirakl Connect is the perfect solution for you.

Branching out into niche marketplaces for your product sales sets your distribution channels apart and diminishes dependence on highly competitive platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, it can be challenging to identify where these niche opportunities lie. With Mirakl Connect, you get access to a centralized hub that promotes your business to Mirakl-powered marketplaces worldwide, facilitating seamless interaction with key stakeholders from one central platform.

“Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand your current marketplace business, this platform will connect you with the right suppliers, the right partners, and the right Mirakl-powered marketplace operators to achieve your growth goals.” 

Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and co-CEO, Mirakl.


If you need any more convincing, take a look at the strong track record of eCommerce businesses selling on Mirakl Connect.

  • Sellers experience 4x GMV growth with instant access to new marketplaces via Mirakl Connect
  • Sellers benefit from 5 x faster marketplace onboarding time with Mirakl’s Fast-track onboarding process
  • Sellers are scaling up, selling on 7 Mirakl-Powered marketplaces on average.


Diversifying your channel mix is a key factor in achieving revenue growth for marketplace sellers. Our data here at eDesk indicates that the number one driver of growth for sellers last year was a diversified marketplace strategy. Merchants selling on multiple marketplaces, specifically through the marketplaces powered by the Mirakl Connect platform, achieved a whopping 35% year-on-year sales growth. This compares very favorably with the overall growth of 25% experienced across the board. 

Mirakl Connect now boasts 11,000 pre-qualified sellers who can easily sell and service customers on multiple retail marketplaces via a single application.

Benefits of selling on Mirakl Connect

Unlock a myriad of benefits by selling on Mirakl Connect and revolutionize your eCommerce experience. Here’s why joining Mirakl Connect can be a game-changer for your business:

Expand reach in existing markets

Being part of Mirakl Connect enhances the visibility of your products, with access to 400 marketplaces worldwide, attracting more customers and driving sales. 

Differentiate your Sales Channels

By diversifying your sales channels through Mirakl Connect, you reduce dependence on major, more competitive platforms like Amazon and eBay, making your business more resilient.

Explore new markets, risk-free

Mirakl Connect opens doors to new selling opportunities, providing a centralized resource to discover and explore diverse markets for potential business growth. You can easily test new markets with minimal investment or risk.

Reduced time to market 

With Mirakl Connects fast-track onboarding you can quickly find and get onboarded to suitable marketplaces to sell on from one central platform. Simply complete just one onboarding configuration to create your stores on hundreds of marketplaces. After all, time is money, so the faster you get set up, the more opportunities you have to sell.

Streamline your workflow with partner integrations 

Mirakl Connect offers a range of pre-integrated partners to automate shipping and fulfillment operations across all Mirakl-powered marketplace channels, allowing you to process orders with greater efficiency.

How to become a Mirakl Connect seller

Getting set up to sell on Mirakl Connect couldn’t be easier with their new fast-track onboarding four-step process.

  1. Simply complete this form to allow Mirakl to qualify your application and create your seller profile. 
  2. Complete the KYC process by uploading documents and financial information
  3. Import and sync inventory and prices through one of Mirakl’s eCommerce platform connectors or via API
  4. Configure shipping methods with delivery zones, methods, and prices

Once you have completed the 4-step onboarding process, you can connect with hundreds of Mirakl-powered marketplaces, get onboarded in minutes and start selling your products.

Costs associated with selling on Mirakl Connect?

The great thing about Mirakl Connect is that it’s completely free to register and sell there. That’s right, you can access Mirakl Connect’s centralized platform and search for the most suitable marketplaces to sell your products on at no cost.

When it comes to individual Mirakl-powered marketplaces that you can sell on, each will have their fee structure, which you can discuss directly with the marketplace representatives via the Mirakl Connect platform. 

How to sell successfully on Mirakl Connect

Getting setup on Mirakl Connect is easy, but when it comes to successful selling, there are a few key aspects to focus on to ensure your business gets the most out of the Mirakl Connect ecosystem.

Decide on your strategy

Achieving success on Mirakl Connect demands a strategic approach from the start. Define your strategy early, aligning it with goals such as audience growth, diversifying sales channels, or exploring new markets. Understand your target audience and niche, conduct thorough competitor research, and establish competitive pricing strategies. Explore partnerships within the Mirakl ecosystem to enhance your strategy, ensuring a tailored approach for long-term success.

Inventory management and listing optimization,

Efficiently managing inventory and optimizing marketplace listings plays a crucial role in your success. Maintain a well-managed and current inventory to avoid stock outs or overselling. Enhance product listings by incorporating high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords. Leverage Mirakl’s inventory management tools to streamline processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Regularly update product information to reflect any changes or additions, maximizing the impact of your listings on the Mirakl platform.

Leverage In-platform Advertising

Marketing tools are indispensable for successfully selling on Mirakl Connect. Explore the available options to effectively promote your products and maximize visibility. Utilize sponsored listings, featured product options, and targeted advertising within the marketplaces you are selling on to enhance your presence. It’s essential to monitor analytics diligently, assessing the performance of your marketing efforts, and making necessary adjustments to budget and advertising listings to ensure optimal results and sustained success on the Mirakl platform.

Follow Policies & Guidelines

Policies and guidelines play a vital role in ensuring a smooth selling experience. Establish clear and transparent policies for shipping, returns, and customer satisfaction and ensure you stick to them to avoid unhappy customers. Familiarize yourself with Mirakl Connect’s policies and guidelines, as well as the individual selling and communications policies for each Mirakl-powered marketplace you choose to sell on. This will ensure you are operating in compliance and avoid account suspension or any other penalties.

Top Mirakl Connect Marketplaces

Servicing customers efficiently on Mirakl Connect 

Exceptional customer support stands as a cornerstone for achieving success on Mirakl Connect. It involves providing timely and professional responses to customer inquiries and messages. To ensure a smooth customer experience, it’s crucial to implement a reliable system for handling complaints and effectively resolving any issues that may arise. Additionally, actively encouraging and monitoring customer feedback is essential to identify areas for improvement, allowing you to enhance your services and further meet the needs of your customers on the platform.

eDesk is the only helpdesk solution that natively integrates with Mirakl Connect to seamlessly streamline and scale your marketplace support. By servicing your Mirakl-powered marketplace customers via eDesk, you can consolidate messages, orders, and essential information from all your sales and communication channels in one centralized platform, streamlining your Support Team’s workflow. 

ents, channels, or products are causing performance issues in sales or support and make data-driven decisions, to enhance overall efficiency.


In summary, Mirakl Connect is the ideal solution for eCommerce sellers seeking rapid scalability. By embracing Mirakl Connect, you set yourself apart in niche marketplaces and reduce dependence on the more competitive marketplaces like Amazon. The centralized hub facilitates seamless interaction with Mirakl-powered marketplaces worldwide, offering benefits such as expanding reach, differentiating sales channels, exploring new markets risk-free, and streamlining workflow through partner integrations.

Customer support is integral to success on Mirakl Connect. Timely responses, efficient issue resolution, and proactive monitoring of customer feedback are crucial elements.

To optimize customer support on Mirakl-powered marketplaces, we recommend leveraging eDesk. As the only helpdesk solution native to Mirakl Connect, eDesk consolidates messages, orders, and essential information from all channels in one platform, streamlining your Support Team’s workflow. Embrace Mirakl Connect and eDesk for a comprehensive and efficient eCommerce experience that ensures both marketplace success and customer satisfaction.

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