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Klaviyo (Beta)

How does Klaviyo (Beta) work with eDesk?

The eDesk-Klaviyo integration offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing you to create your own rules for sending events to Klaviyo based on various conditions. With thousands of potential combinations and permutations, you have full control over the data sent to Klaviyo. When messages meeting specified conditions arrive in your eDesk inbox, the system automatically sends a corresponding event to Klaviyo.
To set up the integration, you can create a rule in eDesk with specific conditions for sending an event to Klaviyo. You name the rule, choose to send it to Klaviyo, and the event appears as a metric in Klaviyo. From there, you can create a flow in Klaviyo to leverage this metric, ensuring targeted and relevant marketing communications.

We’ve already created 4 rules that work upon installation of the app. The rules send events to Klaviyo when 1) The customer has an open ticket in eDesk 2) The customer has a resolved ticket in eDesk 3) The customer has left a negative CSAT response 4) The customer has left a positive CSAT response.

What are the benefits of using the Klaviyo (Beta) app?

The eDesk-Klaviyo integration unlocks numerous benefits for your business, including improved personalization, more effective marketing campaigns, and better customer segmentation. By leveraging the power of eDesk message rules in combination with Klaviyo’s marketing automation capabilities, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies and make more informed decisions based on real-time customer data from eDesk. This seamless connection ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased retention, and a more successful marketing ROI.


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