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9 Awesome Social Media Tips for Cyber Weekend


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Last Black Friday, US shoppers spent $7.4 billion online – 20% more than the year before. But this year, as 62% of consumers say that nothing could persuade them to enter a store on Black Friday, so ecommerce is set to get even bigger!

Social media plays a huge part in driving visitors to online stores for Black Friday. So this Black Friday weekend make sure your channels are prepped for promoting special offers, as well as responding to customer service requests. Here are nine expert tips to help you to crush Black Friday weekend 2020!

1. Prepare your social media profiles

According to eMarketer, Facebook drives the most referrals to eCommerce sites. But Instagram and Pinterest are the most contextually relevant and influence buyers the most.

However, if you’re trying to reach a young audience, using TikTok for your eCommerce marketing is key. Then there’s Snapchat and Twitter. They can also play a role in driving online sales, but aren’t as influential. So when you’re preparing your social plan for Black Friday, prioritize the channels which can make the most impact.

Make sure to also factor in your brand’s personal performance on each one. Update your profile pictures, cover photos and shopping links to highlight your Black Friday sale. Think about who uses each channel and push the content which will appeal to them most. Over on Instagram, consider using shoppable posts to drive sales from directly within the platform.

2. Ensure you can respond quickly to messages

Like we said, your Black Friday social media strategy isn’t just about pushing promotions. It’s also about customer service. And it’s extremely important to get this right.

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, so be prepared for an influx of messages, comments and posts asking all sorts of product questions. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, you’ll start getting complaints and questions on your promotional posts. Help desk software allows you to respond to messages across all your store’s communication channels quickly and efficiently. This helps you provide great service, promote trust and nurture interaction with your followers. After all, social media is about being social!

PRO TIP: Don’t overdo it. Shoppers can quickly become immune to a stream of so-called limited-time offers. Moderation is the key to success here. Test a few calls-to-action and see what works for you instead of bombarding your audience with constant sales pitches.

3. Create buzz around your offers

Start posting about Black Friday early to generate some excitement about your upcoming promotions.

Use hashtags like #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday to make your deals visible to a wider audience. Or, if you have a strong social following, consider inventing your own custom hashtag.

Post countdowns, sneak peeks and slowly reveal your top deals to build anticipation. If you intend to donate any of your profits to charity or plan to add free gifts to packages, share the details. You should also ask your followers what products they’d like to see reduced, as this kind of interaction is key to making sure they check back in on Black Friday.

Build a sense of urgency around your offers by using phrases like ‘while supplies last’ and ‘for a limited time’. But only use them in posts about your juiciest deals, so followers will be ready to bag them the moment they go on sale.

4. Use all the resources at your disposal

As well as being one of the busiest days of the year for eCommerce sellers, this Black Friday will also kick off the biggest ever holiday season in 2020. So it’s time to pull out all the social media stops!

Take the time to look at your past performance and social metrics. Ask yourself what performed best in the past. What channels are most popular? What kind of content drums up engagement? Am I attracting the right audience? You could also conduct some A/B tests to definitively find out what posts work best.

To make sure you have plenty of interesting content to share, you can also go through past posts and user-generated content. Share the best bits with a Black Friday twist – let followers know this is their chance to bag products at a reduced price.

5. Plan and schedule content in advance

Okay, so this is an obvious one but it’s just a friendly reminder not to wait until the last moment.

As Black Friday approaches, store owners will have an endless to-do list. So organize your social posts and ads way in advance. This will enable you to publish consistent and creative social content no matter how busy it gets.Use social media software like Buffer, Hootsuite or SocialPilot to schedule posts. In the Ads Manager, you can also schedule Instagram and Facebook eCommerce ads.

6. Create exclusive posts for social

Creating exclusive content for social media gives people a reason to follow you. Otherwise, they may miss out.

Post sneak peeks, exclusive deals and behind the scenes snapshots as you prepare for Black Friday. Because social media is all about two-way communication, you can also share posts and polls looking for feedback and opinions.

Social media is ideal for promoting lifestyle-oriented products like clothing and beauty. So, in the lead up to Black Friday, share stylish gift guides which will get people thinking about their holiday shopping in advance. This is a great way to turn casual browsers into Black Friday buyers.

Use your gift guides to highlight products that complement each other. You might want to use social media influencers to help boost product visibility and sales.

7. Appeal to locals

Shoppers are searching for local businesses more than ever! According to Facebook data from earlier this year, clicks on searches for local businesses increased globally by 23%.

If you run a small business, showcase your local pride. Or, if your store is bigger, highlight activity in local branches. You should post about products you source from local suppliers or community causes that you support.

If you offer click and collect options, make sure to let your followers know about that too.

8. Up the stakes on the day

To drive awareness of your Black Friday deals, consider running a social media competition. As your fans like, share and comment to enter, word of your sale will spread far and wide.

Some giveaway ideas include gift cards, popular products, and festive party packs. But try to get creative and come up with something unique to your brand.

9. Make social media the gift that keeps on giving 

Black Friday is the first big buying event of the holiday season. So make sure you take advantage of the influx in visitors and social media engagement.

As well as focusing on sales, use this opportunity to gain new followers, email sign ups and reviews. Offering giveaways, coupons and exclusive discounts may help you do this.

If you haven’t already, you could also add retargeting pixels to your website so you can retarget visitors with relevant social media ads and reduce your rate of shopping cart abandonment.

Building up these long term connections will help you turn one-off buyers into loyal customers. So you should see an increase in repeat sales for the rest of the holiday season – and even into the new year.

Final thoughts

This will be the biggest Black Friday ever for eCommerce sellers, so make the most of it with social media, email marketing and advertising. But make sure you stay true to your brand while doing it. Don’t be afraid to make jokes or go against the grain, because social media followers are more likely to engage with an authentic brand.

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