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Reduce customer response times

5 Ways to Reduce Customer Response Times

In today’s competitive world, customer service is all about ensuring a superior customer experience. This means that the top brands must all compete to provide

Customer support trends

7 Top Customer Support Trends for 2021

Just like a classic car, aged whiskey or that little black dress, superior customer service never goes out of style. Companies like First Direct, Lakeland,

eDesk Product Update Feb 2020

eDesk Product Update: Feb 2021

Over the last few months, the eDesk Product team has been working hard on making our eCommerce helpdesk and feedback platform even better. Check out

Cómo eliminar Comentarios negativos en eBay

Eliminar opiniones negativas en eBay supone una gran diferencia para su reputación, la visibilidad de sus productos y sus ventas. Descubra cómo eliminar los comentarios negativos de eBay y optimizar su reputación en el mercado hoy mismo.

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