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10 ways to make angry customers happy

Angry customers are something that all online sellers will have to deal with at some point. Find out how to turn this challenging situation around and deliver a positive outcome.

Ways AI customer support can improve your eCommerce business

3 ways AI customer support can improve your eCommerce business

Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting development in the field of customer support in recent memory, allowing businesses to engage more effectively with their clients than ever before. The knock-on effect that this is going to have on your bottom line is very exciting. Here’s why.

13 best free Shopify themes for 2023

Shopify themes make a huge difference to your eCommerce site’s look, feel and conversions. Check out the best free Shopify themes in 2023.

eBay Software

Best eBay software for online sellers in 2023

To succeed on eBay, you’ve got to have the right software. There are loads of tools out there to help you optimize your product listings, rank higher in the Best Match algorithm, provide excellent customer service and increase sales.