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Amazon Prime Day 2024: Customer Service Best Practices + Tips for Sellers

Last updated February 6, 2024 10 min to read
Amazon Prime Day 2023: Customer Service Best Practices + Tips for Sellers cover
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If you’re looking for Amazon Prime Day tips for sellers, you’re not alone. With Amazon Prime Day 2024 fast approaching , eCommerce sellers are scurrying to prepare for the influx of deal-hungry shoppers.

So, how can you set your store up for success? Here at eDesk, we know the key to running and growing a thriving online business is providing top-tier customer service. And if that seems like a daunting prospect, don’t worry! We’re here to make customer support easier, faster, and much less stressful. Keep reading to discover 10 Amazon Prime Day 2024 customer service best practices that you can implement today. We’ll even share a few more tips to help you beat out the competition.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

The first Amazon Prime Day occurred on July 15, 2015, and marked the website’s 20th anniversary. Since then, Prime Day has grown into the juggernaut summer sale and shopping extravaganza that we know today.

This year’s Amazon Prime Day has yet to be announced. During the 48-hour event, shoppers can find exclusive deals on everything from Amazon music and Amazon-branded products to clothes and bedding to laptops, headphones, and other electronics.

Many of these deals on products are “lightning deals,” or limited-time, limited-quantity offers. Others are “spotlight deals,” which are available throughout the entirety of Prime Day (or until stock sells out).

According to estimates, customers purchased more than 300 million items globally during Prime Day 2022. That means, along with Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day presents a tremendous sales opportunity for eCommerce sellers. Furthermore, this event offers a great chance to gain exposure and generate a stellar reputation for your brand. Well, as long as you get customer service and a few other things right…

10 Amazon Prime Day Customer Service Best Practices

As we mentioned before, slaying Amazon Prime Day 2024 depends on providing extraordinary customer service. Read on to find eDesk’s best practices for leveling up your customer support game before, during, and after Prime Day.

1. Hire enough staff

Make sure you hire enough staff to handle the influx of Prime Day customer service requests. With millions of customers looking for deals and discounts, your customer service team must prepare to handle a wide variety of inquiries from shoppers.

This may mean that you need to hire extra, seasonal workers to fill out your customer support team. You may also need to pull in help from other departments temporarily, or ask part-timers to work full-time hours for the event.

Using the right tools, however, can improve your staff’s efficiency and make it seem as though you have an extra set of hands. For example, eDesk enables sellers to centralize the customer messaging from all of their Amazon stores into one smart inbox. Our AI-powered customer support software helps you to easily prioritize messages, respond faster with templates, offer live chat, and more. You can even use AI to respond “HandsFree” to common or simple requests. This all means you can resolve customer queries in a fraction of the time, potentially with fewer staff members needed.

2. Put together an Amazon Prime Day customer service strategy

You also need a comprehensive customer support strategy in place to ensure that your customers receive the help they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes having the right channels of communication set up. Amazon now allows you to link to your support center on your own website. So, ensure you have a dedicated customer service phone line, live chat option, and email support available there.

Again, streamlining your customer support through eDesk makes putting together a strategy is much more simple. Everything can be done through your eDesk dashboard. You can set up specific rules, filters, and more to organize your messaging, allocate responsibilities, and organize your customer service with ease.

3. Ensure everyone on your team understands their responsibilities

Every team member needs to understand their role and how they can contribute to the brand’s Prime Day success. Make sure each staff member knows and fully comprehends their responsibilities. These could include responding to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, providing accurate product information, and addressing any customer service issues.

Using a help desk software like eDesk? You also need to make sure you’ve set up any necessary message allocation rules. For example, if certain staff members handle specific types of inquiries (questions about returns and refunds, for instance), you can have those queries automatically routed to the appropriate agent. This results in less time spent routing messages for your staff, and less waiting to receive help for your customers.

4. Set the right expectations and be proactive

Set the right expectations with customers to ensure a successful Amazon Prime Day 2024. For example, communicate transparently about any delays or issues that may arise during Prime Day so that customers know what to expect.

Know that shipping on certain items will be delayed? Put that note in your Amazon Prime Day product description pages so shoppers know deliveries will take longer than usual.

It’s also important to anticipate customer needs and be prepared to provide solutions quickly. This means being proactive in monitoring customer inquiries and finding creative solutions to any issues or concerns they may have. Doing so will help ensure that customers feel confident in their purchasing decisions and are satisfied with the level of service they receive.

5. Respond quickly and accurately

One of the most effective ways to provide stellar customer service is to respond quickly and accurately to inquiries. In fact, according to recent data, 60% of consumers say long wait times are the most annoying part of customer service interactions.

Customers want to feel like their needs are being taken seriously, so make sure your customer service team is well-trained in responding to inquiries in a timely manner—even during crazy-busy times like Prime Day. It’s also important that responses are accurate and provide helpful solutions to customers’ questions or concerns.

Did you know that you could improve response times by 4X using our customer support software? Just ask online consumer electronics seller, Tekeir, who reports a 60% boost in customer service efficiency since joining eDesk!

6. Make sure you have all the info you need

Equip your team with all of the information they need to answer customer inquiries during Amazon Prime Day 2024. This includes having access to product descriptions, sales stats, and other key data points in order to provide accurate and helpful answers to customers.

Additionally, make sure your team has a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions associated with any deals or discounts that are offered during Prime Day.

eDesk gives you everything you need to answer customer queries right in front of you. View order numbers, tracking numbers, and more alongside the ticket (message). No more switching screens to search for info.

7. Use AI / automation to save time and boost performance

Utilize AI and automation technologies to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2024. eDesk’s AI-driven tools help automate customer service tasks and even let you respond “HandsFree” to certain queries. This frees your team up to focus on more complex issues, while providing customers with accurate, timely responses.

eDesk is a real game changer in this area. Our smart tools like AI classifications, message summaries, and sentiment analysis truly take customer support to the next level. With these features, you can see a snapshot of customer questions and moods before even reading the full message. We’ll also recommend the best response template based on the context of a customer’s message. And our two-way, AI-powered translations enable you to seamlessly communicate with customers across the globe.

With Prime Day poised to break records again in 2024. This 2-day extravaganza is a sure-fire way to generate revenue quickly. However, this influx in sales also comes with its own set of challenges and headaches that can negatively impact sales now and going into the holiday season.

Automation to the rescue!

Our experts from eDesk and Repricer got together to explore how automation can help with some of the hands-on tasks of Prime Day. Some of what they discussed include:

  • Prime Day support and repricing trends that affect the bottom line
  • Challenges that reach beyond just Prime Day
  • 5 simple, easy ways to set up support automation that’s proven to 4x response times (and sales)
  • 5 powerful ways to set your pricing strategy on automation to take your Prime Day sales to the next level
  • FAQ with eDesk VP of Americas and Repricer Product Manager

Check out the full webinar reply in the video below

8. Create templates ahead of time

We’ve already mentioned templates a few times, but this topic commands its own section. Create customer service templates ahead of Prime Day to save time and ensure accuracy throughout the event.

With templates for FAQs, your team can send the right response without having to craft a new answer each time. Pre-made templates can also ensure customers receive the same level of service regardless of which customer service agent helps them.

eDesk enables you to use pre-written templates (which can be edited, branded, and personalized), or create your own. Our AI will also suggest the right template based on a customer’s message. Plus, you can set up templates to send out automatically (for instance, if your office is closed). Learn more about how to save loads of time and effort with eDesk templates here.

9. Remain calm and helpful under pressure

Dealing with a high volume of customer inquiries can be overwhelming. Make sure your customer service team is well-trained in how to handle these situations with grace. Additionally, communicate with your team about any guidelines and processes you have in place. This way, your customer service agents know how to respond in difficult situations.

Busy times like Amazon Prime Day can be stressful for your staff, but remember: every customer query is important. Follow the same customer service best practices you would any other time of year. These may include approaching interactions with a friendly demeanor, answering questions thoroughly, showing empathy, and going the extra mile. To learn more about providing great customer support, check out our top 10 customer service tips for eCommerce sellers.

10. Monitor Amazon Prime Day customer service feedback

Remain aware of any customer feedback or reviews during Amazon Prime Day 2024. Keeping an eye on what shoppers are saying about your products can help you identify any areas that need improvement. Responding to customer feedback can also help create a stronger relationship with shoppers and show that you value their opinions.

Once again, eDesk makes this easy with FeedbackExpress. FeedbackExpress enables you to target reviews from happy customers, personalize review requests, and grow your brand. In fact, Tekeir now maintains a remarkable 98% Amazon seller feedback rating thanks to using eDesk and FeedbackExpress.

5 More Amazon Prime Day Tips for Sellers

Have your customer service strategized, streamlined, and ready to go for Prime Day? Great! There are still a few more pro tips you can follow to make the event a success for your brand. Here are the top 5…

1. Reinforce inventory levels

It’s essential to ensure that your inventory levels are well-stocked ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2024. Having a strong inventory will help you avoid any issues with out-of-stock items during the peak shopping period. Additionally, make sure your team is aware of any regulations and restrictions that may apply to specific items so they can provide accurate information to customers.

2. Improve product listings, descriptions, and titles

In order to maximize sales during Amazon Prime Day 2024, it’s important to ensure that your product listings, descriptions, and titles are as effective and informative as possible. Use high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and catchy titles to draw in customers and help them make an informed decision about what to purchase. Additionally, make sure your team is familiar with any special deals or discounts that may be offered during Prime Day so they can answer customer inquiries accurately and quickly.

3. Put together deals, discounts, and other special offers

One way to create a positive customer experience during Amazon Prime Day 2024 is to offer special discounts, promotions, or free shipping options to your customers.

As we said before, there are thousands and thousands of deals spanning thousands of products (or even possibly millions of items) throughout this shopping event. Prime Day deals can include steep discounts on everyday essentials, Prime music, electronics, apparel, Kindle e-readers, cookware, home and garden supplies, and anything else you can imagine. There are invite-only deals, exclusive discounts, Subscribe & Save deals, and much more. Plus, shoppers can often get Amazon Prime free same-day delivery on a host of items.

There are even plenty of deals and discounts on the membership fee for subscription services like Amazon Fresh food delivery, Amazon Prime gaming and Amazon video discounts, or Amazon Prime membership itself (such as a 30-day free trial or six-month trial). For example, during Amazon Prime Day 2024, students can score a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime as long as they have an .edu email address. Note: While Prime Day deals are also available to non-Prime members, Prime members will usually receive the best discounts during Prime Day.

With that in mind, it is crucial that your deals are attractive enough to stand out from the competition. Consider creating discounts or promotions on certain items as well as bundling products together in order to create more value for customers and increase sales. Additionally, make sure to communicate your offers clearly to customers so they understand exactly what they’re getting. Invite shoppers to join your email list so you can send deal alerts and deal notifications to their email address. Shoppers who download the Amazon Shopping mobile app will also receive push notifications when deals go live.

4. Target the Buy Box with smart (and automatic) repricing

Monitoring prices in real-time is an important part of optimizing sales during Amazon Prime Day 2024. Utilizing automated pricing tools can help sellers stay on top of changes to competitor’s prices and react quickly to ensure they remain competitive. Additionally, tracking price changes can also help you determine the best time to launch deals and discounts in order to maximize revenue.

Want to automatically reprice your items without breaking a sweat? Use eDesk’s Amazon repricing tool, Repricer.com.

When it comes to winning the Buy Box, Amazon’s algorithm takes into consideration multiple factors, including price, fulfillment, feedback, and inventory depth. Repricer.com takes the work out of pricing by offering you the flexibility to automatically adjust your prices based on these factors and hundreds more.

Our AI features target the Buy Box & help keep you there. We analyze billions of price changes every week keeping you one step ahead of the competition. In fact, Repricer.com customers see an average increase of 143% in Amazon sales within just 30 weeks of using the tool!

5. Leverage social media and email marketing strategies

Social media can be a powerful tool for sellers when it comes to promoting their offers during Amazon Prime Day 2024. Consider creating unique and engaging posts about your products and discounts that will help draw attention from potential customers. Additionally, you can use social media to run contests or giveaways as a way to further promote your offers and attract more customers.

Shoppers often also reach out via social media to ask questions, so make sure you’re paying attention to your messages. eDesk makes this easy with our seamless integrations with a multitude of social media platforms—including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

6. Analyze post-event data

Following Amazon Prime Day 2024, it’s important to analyze the data from the event in order to better understand how your efforts paid off. Make sure to track key performance indicators such as sales, customer satisfaction, and average order value in order to identify any areas where improvements can be made for future events. Additionally, this data can also help you plan your strategy for upcoming shopping periods so you’re well-prepared for success.

With comprehensive, AI-driven insights from eDesk, you can analyze everything from which products receive the most inquiries or returns to which items are your best sellers.

Amazon Prime Day Customer Service Best Practices: Final Thoughts

If you want to crush Amazon Prime Day 2024, you need to smash customer service and shore up other aspects of your business. Follow our best practices and tips above to delight shoppers, streamline processes, automate certain tasks, and propel your brand to new heights during this year’s shopping extravaganza.

And remember, you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t! In order to provide the best possible experience for customers during Amazon Prime Day 2024, sellers must have access to the right tools and technologies. Utilizing customer service solutions such as eDesk’s AI-driven customer support software and automation tools can help streamline responses and ensure accuracy, freeing up time for your team to focus on absolutely rocking Prime Day.

Ready to get started now and have eDesk up and running for Amazon Prime Day 2024?

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