The perfect helpdesk for homeware retailers

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Purpose-built for eCommerce and online retailers

purpose built
  • Order and customer details with every ticket
  • Marketplace SLAs and response times
  • Integrations with leading webstores, marketplaces, inventory management solutions and social media channels
  • Trusted by 5,000+ online retailers

A shared inbox that brings your team together

shared inbox
  • Auto-assign tickets
  • Create internal notes
  • @mention teammates to get help
  • Add multiple users to share the workload

Respond faster than your competitors

purpose built
  • Templates and snippets for common queries
  • Auto-translation for international customers
  • Auto-responders for weekend and busy periods
  • Artificial intelligence analyses tickets and creates responses that you can review and send in seconds

Reporting that helps you plan and improve team performance

  • Peak support times
  • Team performance metrics
  • Ticket volumes
  • Response times

Turn your helpdesk into a profit center

  • Automatically identify pre-sales queries
  • Pre-sale tickets come with unique SLAs
  • Never miss a sales opportunity again
  • Product information and product value at your agents’ fingertips

Get more product reviews and seller feedback across your channels

  • Drive feedback to Amazon, eBay and Google
  • Higher engagement rates with your buyers
  • Bye-bye failed messages and opt-outs
  • Fewer negative reviews and feedback

Make smarter decisions

Grow faster with instant insights

Peak Support Times

Peak Support Times

Schedule and prepare your team to handle the busiest times that your store experiences each week.

Response Times

Response times

Analyze response time metrics by query type, agent and sales channel. Identify trends and recognize opportunities to improve team productivity.

Team Performance

Team performance

Improve team performance each week by tracking key metrics like response times and message volume per store, language, query type and more.

Ticket volume

Ticket volume

Recognize trends in your customer support queries. View ticket volume by store, language, query type and create templates to help speed up responses.