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The Changing Face of Customer Service (3 Things Your Consumers Expect)

Zuletzt aktualisiert April 27, 2022 2 min zu lesen
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Consumers are dramatically changing the face of customer service, and with the latest technologies helping to make businesses more available, consumers are demanding 24/7 accessibility, as opposed to traditional 9-5 call-in hours. With this in mind, customer service itself is having to evolve, and how customers are approached with any form of marketing or interaction needs to be tailored and personalized.

In this post, we’re taking a look at three things your consumers are expecting from your customer service.

1. 24/7 Responses

Consumers are now looking to be in control, meaning you have to ensure that your customer services are available 24/7, 365 days per year. Consumers are looking to decide when the interaction takes place between them and the business they are looking to purchase from, and as a result, they want to ensure that all conversations are seamless. With 72% of consumers already avoiding businesses from which they have experienced bad service, adjusting your customer dynamics is imperative if you’re looking to both acquire and retain customers.

Technologies such as social media can provide your business with new ways to interact with your customers, all day, every day, and you are able to pick up responses on new platforms such as social media. The more responsive your business appears, the better off your reputation – no matter whether you’re responding to a customer query or a complaint.

2. Go Mobile

According to statistics, over 75% of transactions are likely to be completed by mobile by 2020, meaning your business will need to offer a seamless mobile service at all times. Technology can provide you with new ways to help make your customer service easier, and by going mobile, you are able to integrate SMS, IM, and social media into your customer service methods. With social media becoming a popular way to interact with brands, being able to offer this to your consumers can help you to broaden your audience opportunities.

3. Save Your Consumers Time

Gone are the days when consumers are happy to spend hours on the phone, waiting on hold to speak to the right department. Now, consumers want quick and easy answers to the questions that they have, and more often than not, consumers are happy to find the answers out themselves. Some reports suggest that up to 45% of U.S. adults will abandon their online purchases if they are unable to find the answer to a query. In addition to this, 66% of consumers believe that one of the most important parts of customer service is saving time. Consumers are more self-reliant than ever before, and if your business provides an extensive FAQs section, then you are much more likely to retain the business you desire.

Final Thoughts

The rise in technology means consumers are demanding fast, real-time responses from brands, no matter their query. With so many opportunities to interact with your business, informing your consumers and saving them time can allow your business new opportunities to provide your customers with the customer service that they desire.

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