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How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service on eBay

Zuletzt aktualisiert April 27, 2022 2 min zu lesen

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If you’re selling on eBay, it’s a safe bet to assume that one of the most time-consuming processes you deal with is customer support.

While eBay has many advantages for savvy sellers, it’s no secret that its customer service network isn’t equipped to manage ticket volume like other online marketplaces.

Originally designed with individual sellers in mind, the single account login is a real headache for support teams, with no visibility into who’s handling what.

On a platform where customer satisfaction is key, bringing home that positive feedback is crucial. But with no way for staff to track who’s responding to which customer, what’s a business to do?

That’s where an ecommerce help desk comes into play, helping eBay sellers to provide the type of exceptional customer service that will keep shoppers coming back for more.

Connect Sales and Support

Only an ecommerce help desk will allow you to monitor which support team members are responding to which tickets. Without one, eBay sellers run the risk of mismanaging returns and resolution cases, which can have a direct impact on reputation. Worse, it can even lead to account suspension.

eDesk centralizes all your eBay queries and order details in one place, giving you a complete view of each customer so you can send fast, personalized responses in a couple of clicks. You can even fulfill customer expectations for speedy replies during peak support times or out-of-office hours with automated messages.

Not sure you have the answer your customer is looking for? No problem. We streamline your support queue with the option to assign tickets or tag teammates to ask for help.

Provide Personalized Communication

Let’s face it: when it comes to customer service, most people don’t want to talk to a robot about their issues.

A recent survey showed that 42 per cent of people still want a human support agent to help them and answer their questions. That’s a huge portion of your consumer base that can’t be ignored. That being said, typing out individual responses to each and every query can be a time-consuming task—and extra time spent on one customer can mean less spent on another, especially when support teams are in a crunch.

But with eDesk’s personalized support templates, it’s easy to provide exceptional customer service and add a human touch to every conversation. In addition to streamlining the support process for your team, templates help to solve common queries quickly, while snippets automate key details such as name, order information, delivery address and more.

Expand Internationally

With eBay marketplaces in 190 countries around the world, providing exceptional customer service can be challenging when you can’t speak your buyer’s language.

Here’s where eDesk’s auto-translate feature comes in handy, helping eBay sellers to scale their business internationally without the need for multilingual agents by offering the ability to communicate with every customer.

Not to mention, snippets help your support team to avoid spelling errors due to keyboard limitations for different languages by automatically picking up any accents on letters that your staff may not be able to easily find.

eDesk is the leading helpdesk for online sellers, purpose-built to address the precise demands of ecommerce. Sign up for a no-hassle, 14-day free trial right now and see for yourself the difference it will make to your business.

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