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Free Amazon Product Review Request Template

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We’re feeling generous again so we’ve decided to share our product review request template with you all, for free! This is a great template for private label sellers looking to boost the number and quality of product reviews they get on Amazon.

Increasing product reviews can help boost your product visibility, sales and profits. Here’s our Amazon product review request template which is 100% compliant with Amazon’s feedback guidelines.

Order ID: [Order-ID number]

Hi there,

Thank you for your order of GoPro HERO.
I hope that you’ve received your package and everything is in order.

Got 2 minutes?
I’d really appreciate it if you could rate your product for other Amazon shoppers.
You can leave your product review here [link]. It takes just a minute and would be greatly appreciated.

Have any issues?
Just reply to this email and I’ll get right on the case.

Kind regards,

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