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One of the biggest opportunities for online retailers is to grow sales by finding new channels. Online marketplaces are a great way to do this and there are hundreds across Europe. Amazon and eBay dominate in Germany and the UK, but Polish platform Allegro emerges as a formidable competitor, ranking just below these 2 major players in third position on Webtetrailers list of Europe’s largest online marketplaces.

Should I sell on Allegro

Allegro is one of the leading technology-driven eCommerce platforms in Poland and in Europe. Founded in 1999 they hold significant market share in electronics (62 percent), home and garden (74 percent) and fashion (46 percent). In fact, it’s Poland’s most popular place to buy fashion.

With 14 million active users, Allegro provides a good opportunity for B2C brands and professional re-sellers to expand into Poland. In fact, brands of all sizes are selling on Allegro. Some notable names include Superdry, Hollister and Abercrombie, to designer labels like Versace and small boutique brands.

Given that Europe ranks as the third-largest ecommerce market globally, boasting $498 billion in annual online retail sales, Allegro emerges as a lucrative marketplace worth exploring for sellers seeking opportunities beyond eBay and Amazon.

Benefits of selling on Allegro

Gain trust in the Polish market

Allegro surpasses giants like eBay and Amazon every time as the preferred marketplace for buyers. In fact, Allegro has established unparalleled trust and confidence among Polish consumers, with a staggering 75% of individuals surveyed naming Allegro as their first choice when considering online stores. If your goal is to tap into growth opportunities within the Polish market specifically, Allegro offers the most straightforward path to entering the market and establishing brand credibility. 

Increased European Reach

Roughly 21 million accounts have been created on Allegro to date, with customers buying over 1.2 million products every day. As of 2024, Allegro has expanded to neighboring countries Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia. The great news is that All your listings can automatically be made available in all three markets, removing any barriers to entry. Czechia boasts one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Central-Eastern Europe, with significant value coming from cross-border sales. Meanwhile, Slovakia’s e-commerce market was worth 2.8 billion euros in 2022, with 77% of e-consumers having made international purchases. These factors make selling on Allegro an unmissable opportunity when it comes to  expanding reach, with access to Central-Eastern Europe’s largest markets.  

Brand Promotion

The ‘brand zone’ on Allegro is a section of their marketplace where internationally renowned brands sell. Allegro guarantees the authenticity and quality of the products sold here. Sellers invited to be featured in the Brand Zone can display their website address on photos, headlines and banners above the listings in the Automotive advertisements, Real property, Services and Holidays categories.

In the brand zone you can learn about selling on Allegro, access resources and talk to a dedicated agent. They offer assistance with eCommerce marketing to help sellers reach new buyers, increase brand recognition and offer customers discounts.

To join the Brandzone sellers must offer only new and original products, you can get in touch with the team at Allegro here to discuss your eligibility to join the Brand Zone

How to Become an Allegro Verified Seller

Becoming a verified seller on allegro couldn’t be easier. First you’ll need a legitimate registered business to create your Allegro Business account. Next you’ll need to follow the steps set our by Allegro to verify and activate your account, and then you’ll be all set to begin selling.

Costs associated with selling on Allegro

Allegro has three levels of subscription fee, these are:

  • Basic subscription: 49 Polish złoty per month
  • Professional subscription: 199 Polish złoty per month
  • Expert subscription: 3000 Polish złoty per month

The higher the subscription tier, the more features you’re able to use. These include, sales statistics, offer tags and banner ads. Find out more information about Allegro subscriptions here.

Only products in certain categories require a listing fee on Allegro. These categories include automotive products, motorcycles, holidays, machinery, live animals and a few more. Find the full list here.

For most product categories on Allegro, you only pay a commission fee once you’ve sold an item. The amount of commission you pay ranges from 4% to 11%, depending on the category. Find out more about the commission prices of each category here.

How to Sell Successfully on Allegro

Optimize listings for the Polish Language

Alongside improving product listings with top-notch images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords, it’s crucial to optimize them for the Polish language when selling on Allegro. While listings are automatically translated into Polish, it’s vital to verify the translations to ensure they convey the right context and meet local buyers’ expectations. Keep in mind how industry-specific or product-specific terms may translate and aim for simpler language that may be more easily translated and understood by Polish consumers when describing your products.

Follow Policies & Guidelines

Policies and guidelines play a vital role in ensuring a smooth selling experience. Establish clear and transparent policies for shipping, returns, and customer satisfaction and ensure you stick to them to avoid unhappy customers. Familiarize yourself with the policies set by Allegro to avoid account suspension for non-compliance. Such as, SLA breaches, low customer quality score, selling restricted or illegal products, committing fraud or failure to meet quality assurance requirements. You can find more information on Allegro’s Terms and conditions for sellers here 

Utilize the Allegro Smart program

Allegro Smart, which is used by around 5 million customers allows shoppers to enjoy free shipping or free returns for a month or a year for orders above a certain value. The program can be compared to similar services like Alza+ in the Czech Republic with over 100,000 members and Amazon Prime with 17 million members in Germany. By participating in Allegro Smart you can achieve a five times higher growth rate than other sellers, receive higher seller ratings and attract new loyal customers. Allegro Smart subscribers exhibit 2.25 times more activity compared to non-Smart customers, presenting an unmissable opportunity to boost sales.

There are a few conditions you’ll need to meet in order to become an Allegro Smart seller, which includes delivery and quality conditions which you can learn more about here.

Monitor sales on the Sales Quality dashboard

Keeping an eye on the Allegro Sales Quality dashboard is paramount for achieving success on the Allegro marketplace. This invaluable tool consolidates data assessing buyer ratings, customer service performance, offer appeal, order fulfillment efficiency, and potential breaches of terms & conditions. By regularly reviewing this dashboard, sellers can easily pinpoint areas needing improvement and acknowledge aspects that are effectively managed. This proactive approach aids in swiftly addressing issues and optimizing sales strategies, ultimately leading to greater success on the platform.

Make customer service a priority

To excel on Allegro, you must prioritize outstanding customer service, responding promptly to inquiries and offering clear product details for informed decisions. It’s also important to streamline order processing, keeping customers informed with transparent updates and tracking information. Foster trust and loyalty by implementing a hassle-free return policy. Additionally, actively encouraging and monitoring customer feedback is essential to identify areas for improvement, allowing you to enhance your services and further meet the needs of your customers on the platform. By making customer satisfaction a priority, you enhance your reputation and ensure a lasting and positive presence on the platform.

Final thoughtsIn conclusion, venturing into selling on Allegro presents a lucrative opportunity for online retailers seeking to expand their reach into Poland and beyond. As the third-largest ecommerce market in Europe, Allegro offers significant potential for growth, with its established trust among Polish consumers and expansive user base. Leveraging Allegro Smart and joining the Brand Zone can further enhance brand visibility and attract new loyal customers. While there are associated costs and compliance requirements, optimizing listings for the Polish language, adhering to policies, and prioritizing exceptional customer service are key strategies for success on the platform. By tapping into Allegro’s vast market and implementing effective selling practices, retailers can position themselves for success in the competitive ecommerce landscape.